Set of all 20 Bands

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1 of each/20 total.  Collection of the ALL bands.


RB-01 Get to Net  Move Your feet
RB-02  Focus    Eyes to the ball - Get under the ball
RB-03  Stay Mentally Tough!  Place over Pace
RB-04  Believe Be Confident!
RB-05  No Fear  Refuse to Lose
RB-06  Stay Positive Breathe
RB-07  Watch the Ball  Attack the Ball
RB-08 Brush it Don't crush it  Stay strong
RB-09  Never Give Up  Athletic as Fu¢k 
RB-10  Stay in it & Win it! Relax
RB-11  Come On!  Vamos!
RB-12  Focus   1/2 Blank
RB-14 Big Targets Dig Deep
RB-15 Build the Point Eyes Up Arm Up for the Serve
RB-16 Close the Net! Fight for every point!
RB-17 Be Brave Poach to WIN!
RB-18 Stay Balanced Play your Patterns
RB-19 Bend Your knees Be Patient
RB-20 FOOTWORK High percentage Shots
RB-21 Paddle Up Get to the Kitchen