Get a grip! coaching bands are high quality silicone bands that cover the grip (or over-grip) tape on your racquet. Instead of staring at your strings, how about some inspiration!! 

About the design:

The design is clean and simple as to not distract a player. There are some pops of color, but generally, we wanted this to be a player's point of focus in that quiet time when you are waiting and preparing.

Use them to quiet your mind and be ready for the

next point, next game, next win! 

About the material:

This stretchy silicone will not dry-out, it is UV and Ozone resistant to create a long lasting product. The band is ¾” high.

About the designer:

Jennifer Nemec is the founder and Chief Creative Officer at Ideation Studio, a multidisciplinary design studio. Ideation Studio has been building brands and branded environments for 20 years.  In an “AHA!" moment, Jennifer turned her passion for tennis and love of design into Get a Grip!